This page includes some free template and stitch guide downloads, and links to my most popular blog posts with top tips for embroidery.  

Starting and Stopping Hand Embroidery

A short pdf with simple instructions for gettting going with hand embroidery and finishing your work in a professional manner.

Stitch Guide 7

A pdf guide for Bullion Knot

Stitch Guide 6

A pdf guide for French Knot

Stitch Guide 5

A pdf guide for Satin and Couching stitch

Stitch Guide 4

A pdf guide for Straight, Seed and Star  stitch

Stitch Guide 3

A pdf guide for Buttonhole /Blanket stitch and Fly stitch

Stitch Guide 2

A pdf guide for Chain stitch, Detached chain stitch and Lazy daisy stitch

Stitch Guide 1

A pdf guide for Running stitch, Back stitch and Stem stitch

Valentine’s Heart Template

A pdf  template of a pretty heart motif using a range of stitches.

My top tips blog posts…

Top Tips for Transferring a Design onto Fabric

Top Tips for Transferring a Design onto Fabric

This is something that I often get asked by keen embroiderers. There are so many different ways to transfer a design that I thought I'd share with you my favourite methods.   Tracing using a light pad    This is an invaluable piece of kit which is relatively...

Top Tips for Successful Hand Embroidery

Top Tips for Successful Hand Embroidery

I have been embroidering since I can't remember when. I became quite obsessive about it when I was in my mid teens. I would buy  a pre printed pattern, iron it onto fabric, and  then follow a guide to make it exactly as the picture said I should.  There was very...

Top Tips for Mounting Your Textile Work

Top Tips for Mounting Your Textile Work

You've spent hours and hours making your beautiful stitched picture but have you thought about how you're going to frame it?  When I first joined a textile group, one of our main aims was to exhibit- a scary thought as I'd never exhibited before. So I started...