Using a sewing machine is great fun when it works but a nightmare when it doesn’t. We all have periods when there’s something not right- we can hear it, we can feel it but have no idea how to solve the problem. We get out the manual, and try all manner of things but alas, after much shouting and stomping, we walk away, defeated. Sometimes it’s the simplest solution that works, other times it’s a combination of things. Here is a little list of the most common problems that I hear about at my workshops. It’s by no means exhaustive, but may, just may, offer some food for thought……

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It is true that the more you use your sewing machine, the more tuned in you become to it. On my workshops it’s lovely to see everyone helping each other when things go wrong. It doesn’t really matter what particular make of machine you have, they all work in pretty much the same way- and go wrong in the same way too! More often than not, the solution is simply a process of elimination. Just work your way through the list and fingers crossed!

Happy problem solving x



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