Tigley Textiles Workshops

There is nothing nicer than sitting amongst like minded people, chatting and eating cake whilst you sew! Don’t worry about being a certain level of stitcher, the workshops really are suitable for all levels, unless otherwise stated. Nearly all my workshops are delivered from the Tigley Studio in Birlingham in Worcestershire- WR10 3AF, although I do travel on occasion. My chosen workshops are all based on embroidery- traditional and contemporary, hand and machine, with a bit of appliqué thrown in for good measure. I aim to offer several types of workshops- my most popular being:


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I don’t think I’d be able to do the work that’s shown in the picture, it looks too hard, is it?

A.  The work shown in the image on the workshop is often mine but has sometimes been done by a student. Nothing is too hard, and everything can be broken down. Templates are often provided for designs and sometimes the simplest of stitches can be the most effective. The nicest thing about working in small groups is that everyone is supportive. You CAN do it!

Q. Why do I have to bring my own machine?

A. I used to provide machines and found that ladies worked happily on them but when they tried on their own machine at home they got into difficulty. It’s SO much better for you if you bring your own as you are familiar with it and if we trouble shoot together, you’ll be confident to continue when you get home.

Q. I’m not sure if I can do machine embroidery on my machine, it doesn’t say so in the book?

A. Your Manual may refer to darning rather than embroidery. If your machine can drop the teeth (under the needle) then you can free machine. It is important that you also buy a machine embroidery foot as it has a spring which allows the fabric to move. The best kind are see through plastic with a horseshoe shape as they are the easiest but you can also buy universal feet from the Internet- they all work!

Q. What if I can’t draw?

A. I always encourage people to create their own designs but templates are provided too. I usually find that ladies will always have a go if shown how to do it stage by stage.

Q. Do I need to bring my own materials?

A. It depends what the workshop is. If it’s machine embroidery where we use little materials then I provide them. If it’s a seascape where we’re using lots of textures and vintage linens and lace then you can either bring your own or  dip into mine. If I am delivering to an Embroidery Guild with a large group, I will ask for a small fee for materials in addition to the fixed fee as I usually provide antique dyed lace which can be tricky to source.

Q. I’d love to come to a workshop but not sure about coming in my own

A.  Come! You’ll always have a warm welcome. I often have a small group of ladies who don’t know each other at all but are exchanging numbers at the end. That’s the great thing about working with like minded people, everyone has the same interests so there’s always something to chat about.