Christmas Stocking




These lovely stockings are made from hessian and lined with calico. They are all decorated in slightly different ways making each one unique. A delightful decorative addition to any fireplace and bound to bring a smile to Santa’s face as he fills them whilst supping his whiskey.

They measure roughly 26cm in foot length and 40cm in length, top to bottom.

A- red and white : B-white and cream with brown button ; C-floral flower and pink silk ; D- pink and purple flowers ; E- Green patterned trim ; F- Cream and white flower with clock button : G- silver and white embroidery with white lace trim; H- white and cream flower with glass button.

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Stocking A, Stocking B, Stocking C, Stocking D, Stocking E, Stocking F, Stocking G, Stocking H