Garden Border Freestyle Kit




So you’ve been on a workshop already and just want to make another garden border but don’t have everything to make it work? Don’t worry, help is at hand.

In this little pack you will have everything you need to make your own garden border- background fabric, patterned fabric, dyed muslin and lace, DMC threads, buttons and beads. There are also 3 drawn illustrations that you may like to choose. No instructions or photographs, just plain and simple, materials are ample to make one garden border.

Packs come in different colours combinations and all materials in the pack  match beautifully.

P&G- pink and green, T&P- turquoise and pink, B&G- beige and grey, G&G- green and grey, B&G&P- blue, green and pink, G&P&G- grey and pink and green

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P&G, T&P, B&G, G&G, B&G&P, G&P&G

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