Toadstool Freestyle Kit


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So you’ve been on a workshop already and just want to stitch another toadstool picture, or you like the look of the fairyland pictures and just want to have a go and making one yourself? Don’t worry, help is at hand.

In this little pack you will have everything you need to make your own make believe toadstool picture: 3 mix and match fabrics for the toadstools and foreground; dyed muslin and lace; 3 buttons; 2 pieces of contrasting plain fabrics to make windows and doors. and background fabric. This kit does not include threads or instructions, hence the bargain of a price!

Then to help you create your own design you also have toadstool templates, photographs of finished pictures and some fairy quotes in case you’d like to include some embroidered words into your design.

There are several colour combos but what you get will be a surprise! If you order 2 packs, you will receive 2 different colour choices and if you order 3 packs, you will receive 3 different colour combos etc. All the fabrics match beautifully and will hopefully inspire you to get your needle and thread out straight away. Some packs include dupion silk or liberty lawn.

Packs do NOT include  embroidery thread or stitching instructions


Postage and packing is a flat rate of £2.50 in UK  with a minimum order of £9.  International postage is a flat rate of £15.

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