Hand Stitched Dragonflies



A few wonderful hand stitched dragonflies that are all one offs, all unique. 1 unframed and 4 framed, ready to be cherished. What a lovely gift they would make, anyone would be thrilled with them!

All measure 9 inches, 23cm square.  Crazy prices, for hours of work. I hope you like them.

They are as follows:

 Natural Background  Unframed. This red dragonfly has such sparkly wings and is flying around the floral flowers. Coffee dyed cotton background.

White background  Such a stunning dandelion with little blue flecks of fairy dust. Bright and bold blue flowers sway in the breeze as the pink dragonfly flutters around them. Framed in a white box frame, ready to hang.

Multi coloured background  Stitched onto this gorgeous dyed lace, the pink dragonfly swoops down towards the blue cow slip parsley. You can almost hear his wings fluttering. Beautiful white daisies and pink organza flowers in the foreground. Framed in a white box frame, ready to hang up straight away.

Light brown background  Pretty little turquoise and pink flowers keep this little pink dragonfly company in the quiet of the night. Framed in a white box frame, ready to be admired straight away.

Green Background   My most precious dragonfly, I love this little fella so much. I think it was the first one I stitched. Bright and very cheerful. Framed and stunning. Everyone will love it.


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Natural Background, White background, Multicoloured background, Light brown background, Green background

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