Stitched Hoops





Five gorgeous hoops, all stitched in the same colours (except Birdsong), so would look great hanging together on a wall.

Stitch Sampler Hoop  Showing all my favourite stitches, wonderful to hang up in your sewing room maybe? measures 8 inches, 20cm and backed with felt.

Hillside Flowers Lovely colours, would work well next to the Home Hoop too. Measures 8 inches, 20cm, backed with felt.

Bird Song  Measuring 8 inches, 20cm, this lovely folk bird style embroidery would be delighted to come to your home and be loved by you.

Paisley Hoop    Who doesn’t love a paisley design?  Measuring 8 inches, 20 cm, this delightful embroidery will brighten up any dark day. Beautifully stitched and backed with felt.

Home Sweet Home    Such lovely muted pastel shades, this would be such a nice present for a new home. Measures 8 inches, 20cm, backed with felt.

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Stitched Sampler, Hillside Flowers, Bird song, Paisley Hoop, Home Sweet Home