Beginners Hand Embroidery Sampler


Face to face workshops will resume very soon.


I love embroidery and I usually find myself using the same stitches because they are so effective. If you have never tried embroidery before, or used to sew but haven’t done it for years, or even just want to have a few secure stitches up your sleeve for your own designs, then this is the workshop for you. It has been designed especially with you in mind!

In this workshop you will join like minded people to make a colourful sampler. It is square in shape so you could easily frame it, or stitch it into a cushion or even a quilt. We will learn each of the ten stitches stage by stage and you will go home with a completed, or very nearly completed, sampler. You will leave as a competent stitcher, and hopefully have the confidence to attempt more embroidery of your own. You will work in an inspiring studio with plenty of samples of embroidery around to get your creative juices flowing.

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