Whispering Trees




Words are funny things- I find people either love them or hate them, a bit like marmite. But from what I see, those carefully selected words can really resonate at times and bring a tear to the eye.

In this slow stitching day, you will choose from boxes of enticing fabrics, and stitch your applique fields on first. Then choose which style of tree to stitch, and embellish with embroidered fields of flowers, anything that takes your fancy. You may choose to add some meaningful words and hand embroider those on too. They could come from a poem or be special lyrics that mean something to you. A lovely day , talking about colours, and trying out different textures. Buttons or charms could be added as the final decoration. A really lovely personal piece either just for you or to give to that someone special in your life.

The picture will be a 23cm square ready to frame into a standard Ikea frame which will be available to buy on the day. Nothing more satisfying than taking home a completed framed picture ready to hang straight onto the wall once you are home.

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Sunday 23rd February

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